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J. D. McDuffie

J.D. McDuffie learned his cooking skills from two ladies that were sensational southern cooks:  His mother and her older sister, a home economist!

From a young child he has always been fascinated with the preparation of food, and began cooking and creating dishes as a teenager. As he traveled about the world during the early years of his career as a CPA and junior corporate finance executive, he recognized the differences yet familiarities of food among the world cuisines.

He begins this book Ham Bones as a first volume in a series.  He starts with the foundation dishes that he became familiar with as a young child from his ancestors on the farms of South Carolina.  He carries the reader through his journey of changes to dishes as well as the development of new dishes as a result of his life's experiences.

The short description of the dishes before the recipe provides humor and an intimate look into his family's living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens as well as their travels to community events such as church union meetings.

J. D. McDuffie writes cookbooks during his retirement years and continues to cook for family and friends for sheer enjoyment!

Did You Know…

… that Joe loves the Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier and has been a part of the Wheaten Fancy since 1974. He was a major factor in re-introducing the Irish-type coat in the American show ring.

Did You Know…

… that Joe is an avid lover of freshwater largemouth bass; and saltwater Black Sea bass fishing

Did You Know…

… that Joe loves the Kerry Blu Terrier and travelled to Budapest and Slovakia with a 17-hour layover in Brussells to get his little girl "Ms Blu" who earned her American and Canadian championships before the age of three!